What is NoBull Smokehouse?

We wanted to develop a menu that was true to our region, yet offer something that was unique to Downtown Fargo. It wasn’t easy, but the best things in life take time. We think you’ll agree that all of our work was worth the effort.

Early settlers to our region soon discovered that this area produced not only the best meat in the world, but it was also blessed to have some of the finest smoking woods available anywhere – Northern Red and White Oak.

At NoBull Smokehouse we use a unique blend of locally-sourced red and white oak to give our meats a delicate, one-of-a-kind smoky flavor. This special blend of oak hardwood produces a smoke that results in a flavor that is stronger than apple and cherry, but lighter than hickory.

Why oak? Many of the traditional smokehouses of the southern United States use woods such as mesquite, hickory, and pecan. Why? Because they were nearby and available. These woods may seem exotic to us because they are not commonly found here; but don’t be fooled. Oak is the real king of meat smoking woods.

Smoking meat is an art that requires an alchemy of natural elements – precise moisture content in the wood is critical. Our smoking wood is seasoned to our specification – not too wet, not too dry – so as to provide the most consistent flavor profile possible.

Southern Barbecue took root in the juke-joints and roadhouses. Northern Barbecue has a quieter heritage; born from the source and developed by those who worked hard to raise their own food. They learned the secrets to the best barbecue in the world, and then quietly kept it to themselves for generations.

NoBull Smokehouse is proud to bring traditional Northern Barbecue to you. We think you will find it to be uniquely genuine in its goodness. Rich in flavor and steeped in history – it is our treasure to share with you.

When we first set out to resurrect the Northern Barbecue process, we knew it would take time to perfect. While we researched and developed our NoBull Smokehouse Northern Barbecue process, we decided to open the doors with our tried-and-true buttermilk infused chicken recipes, and wait until we had absolutely perfected our Northern Barbecue techniques.

We discovered that our meats are best when they are right out of the smoker, so that is the only way we will serve them. We smoke enough meat to sell that day – when it’s gone, it’s gone! While that may sound like a crazy way to run a business, it is the best way to deliver the perfect barbecue experience.

We won’t compromise quality, and we think you will taste the difference. And while we strive to make production match demand, we can’t guarantee that your favorite item will always be available – that’s just the way it is. It takes time to produce, and when it’s gone, it takes more time to produce more.

Fantastic main dishes are only part of the story. Creative side dishes and a fun new serving style will be something we think will round out the experience. Of course, we will still have a full bar offering a fantastic wine list that pairs perfectly with our menu, and great craft beers on tap.

From the inception of NoBull Smokehouse, the additions and changes have been part of our plan to develop our restaurant in a sort of “fluid” way. Add little bits here and there, and listen to our customers.

For example, our customers told us they wanted a few booths, and we agreed. Done! The previous up-tempo music playlist was swapped with a more bluesy vibe – so that you can better share great times with your friends. (Great conversation and fantastic barbecue go hand in hand.)

Special events will continue to be added throughout the week, but we will be kicking off our “Swine & Wine Wednesdays” immediately. Buy one bottle or glass of wine and get a second for just 1¢ every Wednesday. Drink both bottles here, or take one home – it’s up to you!